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Community helps burglarized family celebrate

December 25, 2006

Sylvester -- A Sylvester family is able to enjoy Christmas, just one week after all of their gifts were stolen from their home. After seeing the story that WALB aired Thursday December 21st, many south Georgians made generous donations to help the family out.

Engaged couple Greg Walker and Jocelyn Green discovered all their gifts were swiped from their Pine Street home about a week ago.

Like many other seven-year-olds on Christmas day Tamara Green is playing with all the new toys she received.

"This you gotta color and draw on and it's washable," said Tamara Green.

Tamara, her siblings and cousins were able to enjoy lots of toys for Christmas. Because others decided to give back after thieves stole gifts from her family's Sylvester home.

"People was helping us. They gave us a lot of presents and stuff," said Tamara Green.

Just one week before Christmas, the presents that the children were going to get were hidden in a bedroom before thieves struck. On Christmas, a doll house, clothes, bookbags, and other items were donated from people in the community.

From people like Melvin Bryant. He is like Santa Clause to the children because he brought all ten of them a new bike.

"I wanted to make sure that they had joy in their life today. On Christmas day isn't that right boo boo? There you go. See that right there is good enough for me," said Melvin Bryant.

Christmas was good enough for the children too. And for Jocelyn Green who thought she wouldn't be able to give her grandchildren the Christmas that she planned.

"Well it's a feeling I can't explain, but I'm happy, happier than I was before they took what they took because it's more. It's more than what they had and I want to thank everybody in the community and the surrounding counties for everything that they donated, which make my grandchildren have a lovely Christmas," said Jocelyn Green.

"I'd like to say thank you for all the stuff, and have a merry Christmas," said Tamara Green.

A message that all the children send to those who helped. Presents for the brothers, sisters and cousins of this family were stolen. But the goodwill of others rolled in just in the nick of time.



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