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Community helps family have Christmas

December 22, 2006

Albany -- A Sylvester family's home is burglarized and all their Christmas gifts stolen, but now south Georgians have shown an outpouring of support to give the family's children a Merry Christmas.

Burglars struck at Greg Walker and Joceyln Green's Pine Street home sometime Tuesday night the couple says. More than $400 worth of Christmas gifts and electronics were taken from the home.

Several good samaritans have contacted the family and the Sylvester Fire Department to help out to give the children a Christmas. The couple met Albany businessman Fred Brooks who donated $300 from the Five Points Laundromat.

"It's truly a blessing and I just want to thank Mr. Brooks and everybody else that gave and called. Our prayers go out to you and your family and everybody, just thank you," said burglary victim Greg Walker.

"People have been good to me at my laundromat and I'm just returning the gift to the neighborhood," said Five Points Laundromat owner Fred Brooks.

Anyone who wishes to help the family should contact the Sylvester Fire Department. The number is 776-8511.



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