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High gas prices not slowing down Christmas travelers

December 22, 2006

Albany -- Higher gas prices this Christmas season don't seem to be keeping people from driving.

Gas stations in South Georgia are charging about four cents a gallon more for gasoline this Christmas than last year, but about 80 percent of Americans are still forecast to take a 50-mile trip over the holiday period.

Regular gas is selling for just over $2.21 per gallon Friday. That's 13 cents higher than last month, and more than four cents a gallon more than last Christmas.

Hoyt Massey of Franklin North Carolina filled up his motor home in Albany Friday morning, heading to Tallahassee for a family gathering. He says he noticed the higher price. Massey said "Yea, when you are putting 80 gallons in a tank, you notice it very quickly." But the price did not keep you from traveling this year? "no, it won't for a while."

Nationwide, gasoline prices are about 12 cents a gallon higher than last year, but it is not expected to slow down holiday travel.  

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