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Thieves steal Christmas from Sylvester family

December 21, 2006

Sylvester -- Thieves swipe Christmas from a Sylvester family. They got away with hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas gifts and stole electronics from the home. It left the family with no gifts under the tree for their children this year.

The family had locked their doors and thought their property was safe. They failed to lock their dead bolts however. They say because burglary is not a big problem in their neighborhood. Sylvester police say they respond to possibly one or two break-ins on any given month, but that number shoots up to more than 20 this time of year.

All that Greg Walker and his fiance Jocelyn Green wanted to do is give their children and grandchildren a merry Christmas this year. But it won't happen now as they once hoped.

"Innocent kids, ten of them won't have a Christmas because somebody coming and taking, and knew it wasn't theirs. It hurt. It hurt real bad," said Jocelyn Green.

Green and her family are victims of a holiday heist at their Sylvester home. More than $400 worth of gifts are all gone.

"The kids' toys, their clothing, their shoes," said Green.

Dozens of gifts the couple spent months shopping and saving for were all set to be wrapped up and put under the tree. Instead they were wrapped up into a comforter that once covered a bed, and taken from the home by thieves.

"They look for the opportunity for the owner to be gone from the residence and get the items at that time," said Sylvester police detective Captain Kevin Parten.

Sylvester police are investigating the incident with very few clues. All police can say is to watch out for and lock up your stuff. Robbery is on the rise during the holiday season.

And even though this Sylvester family had their doors locked, they weren't so fortunate. They struggle to figure out what they'll do this Christmas, since all their gifts are gone.

"If somebody just knows something, where we could get some of the children's stuff back, you know. I could never get paid tommorow or any day and get the stuff back that I had bought," said Green.

After meeting with News Ten Green left to get right back to work. To make the money it will take to replace all that was stolen from her and her family.

The burglary took place sometime Tuesday night the family thinks. They didn't stay at their Pine Street home that night. In addition to all the gifts that were stolen, two large television sets and a DVD player was taken.

You should remember to always keep your doors locked and get a deadbolt if your home doesn't have one. Leave your lights on at night and don't put your tree with gifts underneath in front of a window where burglars can see.



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