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City will be rid of eyesores

December 20, 2006

Albany -- The city of Albany's new enforcement department is about to demolish its first dilapidated house.

The city will soon take down three eyesores in an effort to clean up the city. It is a test run for the department to determine whether it's more cost effective for the city to do the dirty work or to hire a demolition contractor.

The demolition is set to happen in the next few weeks.

"The city of Albany will not tolerate the negative impact these properties have on the city as a whole, on the citizens, on the property values. It contributes to crime," said Enforcement Department interim director Thelma Watson.

After the city makes initial contact with someone to get their property cleaned up, the case will move through the city attorney's office. New rules give owners less time to fix problems before the city condemns and destroys buildings that aren't up to code.