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APD, almost at capacity, still needs more officers

December 20, 2006

Albany - The Albany Police Department continues to make major strides in eliminating a huge shortage of officers. When new chief James Younger took over in February there were 43 vacancies at APD. Now, there are only about five unfilled positions.

The Chief says they worked hard to recruit qualified employees, but he still needs more. He says the city used to fund 225 slots but cut that down to just 192 when they couldn't fill the vacancies.

Younger says officers are responding to more calls than ever and need the extra officers to handle them. He recommends adding 11 officers each year for the next three years, at a cost of close to one and a half million dollars.  He says, "I believe the cost is well worth it. It would increase, on an ongoing basis, our visibility. It would provide our officers an opportunity to really solve the problems that the community complains about, so I think it would be well worth it."

Younger also wants the police department to work toward national accreditation and to enhance the interpersonal skills of managers through training.  

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