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Chambliss: Course in Iraq will change

December 19, 2006

Senator Saxby Chambliss says he agrees with a good portion of the Iraq Study Group's recommendations and he thinks the course of the Iraq war will change soon.

Chambliss says he agrees with 73 of 79 Iraq Study findings but he feels the report failed to address intelligence issues enough.

He agrees the military needs to use more advanced technology and embed more US troops with Iraqis. Chambliss says the current course to end the terror hasn't been the best.

"I think it's pretty obvious that the things we've been doing have not been totally effective. Now militarily, our men and women are doing a fantastic job over there and from a pure military perspective, we're winning the war against terrorists," said Chambliss.  

Chambliss says we can't achieve victory until Iraq is capable of being governed on its own and the Iraqi military has a better hold of keeping peace.  



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