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Vandals hit vacant buildings

December 19, 2006

Albany - Vandals are shutting down business for property owners in Albany.   Real estate agents and property owners are having a hard time keeping up with property in Albany because vandals are ripping apart air conditioning units and smashing windows.

Broker Lula B. Davis says she's noticed an increase in vandalism in the homes she manages this year, like this one on Lincoln. Here, you can see this air condition unit on McCray was destroyed for copper. Tonight, Davis is bringing her complaints to the city commission in hopes they can stop the problem.  She says, "We're all hurting and we just need something to be done about this very sever problem that we have in our city."

Here's another issue business owners like Davis are concerned about: abandoned buildings in downtown. The old Malone building remains vacant and vagrants use it to sleep in and for drug activity.  Tommy Malone no longer owns that building.  He donated it years ago.