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New I.D. proves costly, could lead to fraud

December 19, 2006

Stewart County-  Imagine if you had to produce your address, photograph, social security number, birth certificate, possibly your fingerprints just to get your driver's license.  If the Real I.D. Act passed by Congress isn't changed, you might have to, legislators in Georgia are rebelling against the federal mandates. 

The Real I.D. Act creates a uniform standard for a state driver's license by May 2008. Some Georgia lawmakers want to delay the state's compliance with the act. They worry it could cause long lines at driver's license centers, increase costs, and put you at risk for identity theft.

"To spend 85 million dollars on a scheme that's come out of Washington, no I'm not in favor of it and I support the option to let Georgia out of it.  For years, we've kicked around this Voter ID bill that was ill conceived and there's not been one single case in the history of Georgia where anybody has appeared at the polls to be someone else," said Sen. George Hooks, (D) Americus. 

As it stands now, the new I.D. would be necessary to get through airport security, enter a federal building, or access other federal services.



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