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Phone customers off the hook

December 18, 2006

Albany--  Some phone customers say for months they've been paying for services they're not receiving. Now, they're not getting any service at all.

Several customers of a home phone service company in Brooks Plaza rushed to the business when they picked up their phones Monday afternoon and got a "disconnected" message.

A note on the door said "Computer down...will return." Customers told us they've paid their bills.  Some even paid this morning in person before the office shut down.

"This is bad business. It's really bad business and they should have somebody here. You're supposed to be customer service and our phone is off. All these people out here without phone service until Monday, Christmas and you know you're not going to be here on Christmas," said Williams.

Customers say over the past two months, they've lost services they pay for including caller ID and call waiting. The service is billed by Columbus Local Communications. When we call their number, a message says it's being checked for trouble.



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