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Seed of Knowledge

December 18, 2006

Albany - You've probably heard the saying that someone "fell through the cracks." One Albany group is working on a plan to make sure that no longer happens.

Seed of Knowledge is a new learning center that reaches out to young boys to teach them important life lessons and skills. The goal is to help young men in at risk situations get and stay on the right track.

By talking to Ricky Walker, you would probably never know he grew up in the heart of gang activity. He says he was influenced not by gangs, but by a man who took an active role in his life.

Walker says it's important for other young men, to recognize that they too can beat the odds. "They will have to have a moral and ethical mind about their citizenship as opposed to thinking that they do not belong."

At Seed of Knowledge Learning Center, boys 8-16 can enroll in classes, from conflict and resolution to morals and ethics.  Walker says, "These are the things that they really need in order to keep them out of trouble in the long run." And to help them find a skill set, they may never have realized.  He says, "So many kids out there with so many talents that haven't been tapped into."

But Walker says that's just what he plans to do, so that other men can plant more seeds of knowledge. Classes begin January 8th.

Enrollment is going on right now, and tuition is $10 a month. That won't pay for all of the students needs though, so they are asking community members to help sponsor a child.

Want to know more, contact Walker at 229-395-0190.