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History book on Grady County released

December 18, 2006

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Grady County--  For historian Gwendolyn Waldorf, a Tallahassee museum curator, the ties that bind her to Grady County are strong.  "My grandparents were Grady County residents for all of their married life. My mom was born here, my aunts my cousins. I have a lot of connections to the county," she says.

 Rebecca Roddenberry Kline first approached Waldorf about writing the book, sponsored by the Roddenberry estate over a decade ago. But Waldorf says the journey began long before then.  "The idea to do this book dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and people before me who collected information," says Waldorf.

Much of Waldorf's book focuses on the history of this area, before it officially became Grady County.  "A lot of Grady county's history is the history of its people when they were still in Thomas and Decatur counties. Most of the book is 19th century when Grady co. Has not yet been founded."

Members of Grady county's historical society hope the book will make readers become more interested in the roots of their county.   "Soon we won't have any of the people living that can tell us anything, so if it's not down, than we just won't know,"  says Historical Society president Carolyn Hopkins.

"I hope that all of the people who have a historical connection to Grady County will find something in this book that they can relate to," says Waldorf.  She wants her book to inspire readers to record their own memories, so that future books will be written about Grady County.

Limited copies of The Genesis of Grady County, Georgia were published. You can purchase them for 50 dollars from Grady County's historical society.


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