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Corrections Officer suspended

December 18, 2006

Dawson - A Terrell County Corrections Officer was suspended Monday for criticizing her boss. She claimed the warden didn't give inmates credit for helping Terrell County get a new fire truck.
An article about the new truck appeared in the Dawson Citizen newspaper.

Apparently,  Officer Keisha Street t talked to a newspaper reporter after the article appeared. She was upset that prisoners weren't recognized for their work in getting a grant to buy the truck. A reporter questioned the warden who then suspended Streeter.

Terrell County Commission Chairman Wilbur Gamble said, "I certainly would support that, you just don't go out and start criticizing in public, it makes the workplace mighty difficult when you work 15, 20, 30 people and you got people undermining what you're doing and I guess that's what she did."

Authorities at the Corrections Institute also accused Officer Street of calling WALB News 10 to complain and said that played a role in her suspension. WALB News 10 never got a call from the guard until this morning after she was suspended.  

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