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Clothing drive benefits those in need

December 16, 2006

Albany - - During the Christmas season, many of you exchange gifts to family and friends without expecting anything in return. But there's a number of people who have no gifts to give and an even larger number who receive nothing during the holidays.

An Albany Fraternity is continuing its mission of helping people have a Merry Christmas who may not have one otherwise.

Sweaters, shirts, shoes, shorts. They assort each item with care.

"They tell me God bless me and that's what its all about. I just enjoy giving," says Ervin Fulton.

He and other members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity gave away clothing to people in need. Kenya Wingfield just happened to be in the area.

"I was right next door and we just walked over this way and I was wondering why there was a group of people over and we walked over to see and we were lucky."

She ended up with a bargain.

"I got stuff for my boyfriend, my son and my niece and its free."

Members of the fraternity donate the clothes and Fulton even collects clothes from customers at his job.

"If they have any bags of clothes in their car, I always ask them what are you going to do with those clothes and they say taking them to Goodwill. I say, no I'm doing a clothing giveaway with my fraternity can I have them. They be glad to give them to me," Fulton says.

Mary Boyd considers it a blessing.

"I have nice pants right here, church clothes you can wear these. Nice pants."

It brings a smile to the organizers faces. They've organized the event since August and it's paying off.

"Professional athletes give back to their community in their own way, this is my way of giving back to my community in my own way," says Fulton.

This is the seventh year Phi Beta Sigma has held the clothing drive. Any clothes left over from Saturday's drive will be donated to the Albany Rescue Mission.



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