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A warning for space heater users, keep away

December 15, 2006

Albany-  In the last month an Albany man was killed and a woman was critically burned because they didn't follow proper safety procedures when it came to space heaters in their homes. 

Friday, Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John Oxendine issued a warning to south Georgians to make sure they're using these type of heaters correctly. Oxendine said electric space heaters should always have a three prong plug with a ground wire and should never be placed on a table or close to anything else in the room. 

"Simple little mistakes that you don't even think about can cost you your life, and one is that you should always have about three to preferably four feet clear all around a space heater with nothing that can be flammable," said John Oxendine, Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. 

Oxendine also cautioned residents never to fill a kerosene heater inside and always use a siphon to fill it.

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