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Don't end up the target of bogus bucks

December 14, 2006

Albany - - Counterfeit money is popping up in Albany.

Hollis McKinley says he ended up with three bogus 20's Thursday after buying some gas. He gave a store clerk a $100 bill and says part of his change was counterfeit.

Problem is, he left the store with the money. When he returned, the clerks told him they couldn't exchange it because he left with the money. So he called police.  

"They wrote a report up and they said they couldn't make him return my money or anything like that but they just gave me a case number and said I could call and get a report on it and call the BP Headquarters and maybe they'll return my money back but chances are I'll never see that," he says.

The gas station owners say counterfeit money is a problem. A station on Slappey was passed a bogus $20 last night and one on Dawson Road ended up with $180 in counterfeit cash.


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