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Is speed a problem at scene of deadly hit and run?

December 14, 2006

Albany - - An Albany business owner says changes need to be made at a shopping center parking lot where a woman was killed.

Two years ago Thursday, Ginny Crisler was hit by a car at Hunter's Mill Shopping Center. Her children are suing the owners of the shopping center where it happened, claiming their parking lot is dangerous.

One business owner says he'd like to see more speed bumps. The lawsuit contends that Hunter's Mill is used as a shortcut - a cut through - for traffic between Dawson Road and Old Dawson Road and that the owners should do more to slow that traffic.

Some people who work at Hunter's Mill say they see speeders all the time.   Hunter's Mill Shopping Center bears the signs of hurried drivers - skid marks.

"Obviously the set that's coming in from Dawson Road to the speed bump is somebody accelerating and spinning tires," says business owner Addison Davis.

He says speeders fly through this parking lot.

"Right before you pulled up somebody came from Dawson headed to Old Dawson and as they crossed that speed bump it was just engines roaring and you couldn't turn your cameras around seen who it was by the time they were hitting the other speed bump," he says. 

Davis doesn't expect the shopping center's owners to patrol the premises, but he would like to work with them to come up with a solution.

"Another speed bump or two may slow traffic down."

There are two speed bumps in this parking lot and that's the complaint in a lawsuit filed against the owners of Hunter's Mill. The family of Ginny Crisler, killed two years ago Thursday, says the lack of speed bumps allowed a speeding car to run her down while she was out Christmas shopping.

One of the owners is developer George McIntosh. He didn't want to go on camera because of the lawsuit, but says speeding is not a problem at Hunter's Mill. McIntosh says he has no plans to add more speed bumps. But at least one business owner at Hunter's Mill thinks more speed bumps would help.

"It's like a drag strip between the bumps is what we see," Addison says.

Whoever ran over and killed Ginny Crisler still hasn't been caught and there remains a $10,000 reward for information in the case.

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