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TyTy stays on Georgia maps

December 14, 2006

TyTy-  TyTy won't disappear from Georgia's maps.  The city was mistakenly placed on the list of city's to be removed from Georgia's new 2007 maps. Some smaller cities will be removed from the new state map to make the maps easier to read. The good news is those cities removed from the full state map will be on the larger print version that features North Georgia on one side and South Georgia on the other. 

"The ones that are being removed will be back on that map, there are several cities that aren't on either map, they've been removed for several years, they probably won't be put back on there, but the ones that are on this one, the small print will be put back on the large print map," said Craig Solomon, GDOT Communications Officer. 

The maps haven't been printed yet, but will be available at rest stops and stores after the first of the year.

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