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Bainbridge oil company to sell SunStop stores

December 14, 2006

Bainbridge-- Southwest Georgia Oil Company, also known as Inland food stores, announced today they're selling their SunStop convenience stores.

The Pantry, Inc. based out of North Carolina will buy the 24 SunStop stores, located in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, for an undisclosed amount.  

"Clearly it will mean a shift in focus from our retail presence to some of our other divisions like our wholesale division our transport division we have a propane industry as well as our grocery store, Sunvalley market in Cairo," says Glennie Bench, Vice President of Finance for Inland.

The company bought 18 Big Little convenience stores in Alabama in early November. They'll continue to operate those stores. At the start of the new year, the company also has plans to begin producing renewable fuel, under the name Seminole Biodiesel.



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