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Airmen home for the holidays

December 14, 2006

Moody AFB - Hayden Williams only recently learned to open his eyes and he's taking in everything he sees.  But there's still a big part of his life he hasn't seen.  "Hayden will be five months on the 20th. Mark left three weeks before he was born," says Mandy Williams.

His father, Mark, has been in Iraq for the past six months with the 824th Security Forces at Moody Air Force Base.  And he's only seen his son from afar.  "He's seen pictures and seen him on the web cam and things like that," Mandy adds.

Until now.  "It's really hard to put into words when you see your kid for the first time. He's so beautiful. It's just a joy! It's really awesome," says Tech Sgt. Mark Williams as he holds his son fro the first time.

Williams and 159 other airmen returned home today after spending half a year working closely with the Iraqi Police to secure the nation.  Just in time for the holiday season.  "It is a very early Christmas present, a very exciting one. We were so well received and its awesome to be home for Christmas!" Mark exclaims.

Now Williams and the rest of the 824th Security Forces will have 8 months to spend with their families before heading out for another tour.

The next group of airmen will deploy to Iraq in January.