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Civilian worker struck and killed at MCLB

December 14, 2006

Albany -- A civilian worker at the Albany Marine Base was killed on the job Thursday morning. Lawrence Fugate was walking across a road near the maintenance depot when he was struck by a military vehicle.

It was just after six in the morning when military police were called to an area near building 1330.  

Marine Corps Logistics Command Major Michael Hall said, "He was a civilian worker that worked on base here, we don't have a lot of information regarding the incident."  

The incident happened early this morning just behind that line of trees in the warehouse area on the base. Lawrence Fugate was walking when he was struck by an active Marine driving a government van.

"It was outside and what they found was a government van that was being driven by an active duty Marine that struck Mr. Lawrence Fugate," said Hall.

Fugate worked in the Maintenance Center, but the base won't say whether he was getting off work or reporting for work. "There are different shifts that go from different parts of the base," said Hall. "But again, who was on duty who was working at that time and exactly the circumstances surrounding the incident will be determined during the course of the investigation."

Not the type of investigation the base is accustomed to. MCLB Albany has an impressive safety record. "The Marine Corps we really look at trying to improve standards of safety and to my knowledge this the first incidence of this stature," said Hall.

With more than 2,500 civilians and 400 marines working there, the Marines hope it will be the last.


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