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Special Tax districts may help Albany grow

December 13, 2006

Albany - The City of Albany is asking the state legislature for permission to set up special tax districts.

This area around Nottingham is expected to grow a lot in the next several years. Part of the taxes paid by  new businesses in those areas would go to pay for infrastructure which in the long run would save those businesses money. For example, if the bridge on Nottingham has to be widened, the money would come out of the special tax fund and that would negate a need for a tax hike.

Assistant City Manager James Taylor says, "The opportunity to grow communities, like the area over around Nottingham, like even around downtown, it depends on where the city or county chooses to do this, those areas won't get an opportunity to grow as robustly to handle the infrastructure issues without this unless we raise taxes and that is what we are trying to avoid."

If the General Assembly gives the city of Albany the go ahead, a referendum could be brought up to voters in 2007. The tax allocation districts generally last five to ten years.

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