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Community supports CBAT

December 13, 2006

Lowndes County - City and County leaders are showing their support for a training program that could come to Moody Air Force Base.

Lowndes County Commissioners have collected almost 100 letters from local leaders, elected officials, and veterans asking the Air Force to send the CBAT training program to Moody.

The training program would expand the airmen's skills in ground combat and better ready them for war time situations.

The program would bring almost 1000 new personnel to Moody and County officials have been working for years to try and make it happen.  "The entire community supports CBAT operations.  We met with Generals from Randolph 18 months to two years ago when it was still in the embryonic stages to assure them we are behind Moody Air Force Base and have the land and facilities they need to make it very successful," says Commission Chairman Rod Casey.

Moody is one of three bases being considered for the training program.

County officials will send off the letters at the end of the week.

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