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Wrongful death lawsuit filed

December 13, 2006

Albany-  Two years ago Thursday, a speeding car struck and killed an Albany woman out Christmas shopping. Whoever killed Ginny Crisler still hasn't been caught. Now, her family is suing the owner's of Hunters Mill Shopping Center where the hit and run happened, saying the owners were negligent for not slowing down drivers through their parking lot.

 Two years ago December 14th, 57-year-old Ginny Crisler parked her car at the Hunters Mill Shopping Center parking lot and was crossing the lot to shop when she was struck and killed. Surveillance video caught the white Chevy Lumina speeding away. Albany police didn't release those pictures until nine months later when the trail had grown cold.

"With the passing of time, the evidence of course is not as fresh as it might have been at the onset of the case but, sometimes it doesn't make a difference if the evidence is solid, time doesn't have any real bearing," said Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Now Crisler's three sons Scott, Christopher, and Geoffrey have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against George McIntosh, Langdon Flowers, and Walden and Kirkland. The suit claims all three knew it was a cut-through for drivers between Dawson Road and Old Dawson Road and that the two speed bumps in the lot aren't enough. They're asking for damages for the full value of Crisler's life, plus expenses.

There's been no new information in the Crisler case in sometime. Several months ago a family member got a call from someone with some information, but that information never panned out.

"My chief investigator followed up with this individual directly and it turned out that the information, she wanted to help, but the information that she provided did not lead us to anything that could be useful," said Edwards.

Investigators are confident that eventually this case will be solved.

"The reward is ten thousand dollars, that either the reward itself or someone may find themselves in a situation where providing information to the state will help them so we are very optimistic that that's going to happen in this case," said Edwards.

There is no statue of limitations for this case, and investigators say there are several good leads, until one of them comes through Crisler's case will remain open.

One of the Shopping Center owners told us, the lot has been the same way for the last 12 years and this is the only fatal crash that's ever occurred.

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