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Double Duty

December 12, 2006

Shellman -- In a recent match against Randolph Southern, Terrell Academy point guard Cristina Sapp played a full game with the Lady Eagles basketball team, changed uniforms, and joined the Terrell cheerleaders in the stands.

This wasn't a one time deal, as Sapp participates in both sports every night.

"With both basketball and cheerleading, it's a long night," says Sapp.

The senior also competes in softball, soccer, and track at the school, and is playing at least two sports every season.

"It's not that bad for me because I've been doing it for so long," says Sapp, "but every now and then it does get tiring after a while."

Lady Eagles head coach Keith Jones says being active in both sports has some advantages.

"She is just so physically strong, especially the legs," says Jones, "and I think a lot of that does come from being out there with the cheering group."

While Sapp is leading with cheers on the sidelines, she leads by example on the court.

"She doesn't really do a whole lot of screaming," says Jones, "she just goes out there and takes care of business, and that's what I want from a point guard."

Sapp says she knows she has plenty of support.

"I hear them cheering for me every now and then," says Sapp.  "They don't necessarily do a cheer for me, but they do support me very much. They're my sisters."