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Fire trucks get the Green light

December 12, 2006

Albany - When firefighters respond to a call, every second counts, and having to slow down for red lights could mean the difference between life and death. But what if those first responders always had a green light? Now they can.

3M has developed a new GPS system that will actually change traffic lights for approaching fire trucks. 10 transmitters will be added on to 10 trucks in Albany. The cost, about $66,000, but the Department of transportation will reimburse the city for the entire cost.

Deputy Chief David Eddins says, "This will allow the traffic to continue to flow and as we come up to them, they can get off the road or get out of our way as we're going through on emergency calls."

A receiver on the traffic light can pick up a signal from a truck that is 2500 feet away.



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