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Palmyra surgical center CON denied

December 12, 2006

Albany-  The state has denied Palmyra Hospital's request to build a new outpatient surgery center in Lee County.  Palmyra executives say, though, it's not over, and they'll appeal the denial. 

Palmyra Medical Center filed a request for a certificate of need in July to build an outpatient surgery center near Old Leesburg Road and Forrester Parkway. But the state says that service is already sufficiently offered in Albany. Palmyra executives are disappointed. 

"What I have seen in my past, is surgery centers are a cheaper alternative to health care. There's a lot of concern in this area, that we have extremely expensive health care, and we're all paying for that, so if there's a way to create a cheaper alternative for health care we need to look at that and go forward," said Bud Wethington, Palmyra President and CEO. 

Phoebe applauds the state's decision saying it supports the certificate of need process because it, "allows for an objective assessment of need in respect to outpatient and surgical services."

Phoebe along with three other hospitals opposed this application based on a lack of need.

They also said capacity already exists without spending 10 million dollars to add more capacity. Phoebe has also opposed Palmyra's attempts for cardiology and obstetric units.



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