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Dougherty County considers plan that may reduce flooding

December 11, 2006

Dougherty County-  Dougherty County Commissioners are considering a plan that will pinpoint four projects along the Flint River in hopes of reducing flooding in Dougherty County. 

The third phase of a potential Floodplain Improvement plan would look at increasing the opening under Oakridge Drive Bridge, removing debris and brush from the embankment near the bridge and would evaluate a man made island south of the Oglethorpe Avenue Bridge. A new computer program will let commissioners see the projects impact before the work is done. 

"We can model on the computer what a one foot reduced elevation would flood, what a two foot reduced elevation would flood will reduce or impact the state of flooding in Albany, Georgia and this would be taking it to the last step to determine if modifications of any of these or a combination of these would reduce and impact of flood that will come in the future," said Richard Crowdis, Dougherty County Administrator. 

The county would partner with the City, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the U-S Geological Survey to complete the project. A total cost of just the computer model to determine what needs to be done to eliminate potential flooding is $190,000.



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