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Ty Ty too small to appear on state map

December 10, 2006

Ty Ty - - If you buy the latest Georgia map created by the state Department of Transportation, you will see several small towns have been left out. State officials decided to erase about 500 towns from the map to avoid clutter.  

Maybe you've never stopped there, but you've probably rode through it.

"A good little small town. Everybody is some body, everybody knows everybody," says Thomas Outlaw.

Signs welcome you to Ty Ty. A little over 700 people live here. It's plant nursery is a familiar landmark. For visitors, it may be the only landmark.

State officials have omitted Ty Ty from Georgia's latest map.

"Its been here all the time and on the map all the time so I don't understand why its being changed," Outlaw says.

Too few people, state officials say. Some of the towns are so small, they're not even recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau.

We logged on to the Census Bureau's web site. Sure enough, Ty Ty is listed. So folks who live there say why get rid of them?

"I lived here when I was 4 years old," says Charles Lovett.

He's offended. He feels people should know about his small town and so does the owner of one of Ty Ty's only gas and grocery stores.

"I don't know how they think folks going to be able to find out where they're going if you take towns off the map," says Dean Esco of Esco's Gas and Grocery Store.

He says it will complicate things when visitors stop to ask for directions.

"A lot of them get lost right there on the interstate trying to go to Tallahassee because of the road signs up there and they end up here in Ty Ty wanting to know what's the quickest way to 319 and we have to send them back to town."

Esco says if the state map is too cluttered, make it bigger.

"I don't see no reason for them to take the little towns off the map because the little towns is where the big towns come from."

And people live there who are just as part of Georgia as any metropolitan city.

Other small towns like Climax, Between, and Good Hope are also off the map. The Department of Transportation Spokesperson says the state is "not under obligation to show every single community."

The revised maps are at some rest stops and welcome centers now.

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