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Firefighters continue to work at scene of downtown Camilla fire

December 8, 2006

Camilla-- After an exhausting night, it was another busy day for firefighters in Camilla after a fire destroyed a downtown building.  About 6:30 last night, Camilla firefighters responded to a fire at a building that included a furniture warehouse.

They needed the help of four neighboring fire departments to put out the fire. Many of those firefighters stayed all night long to keep things under control.

Now, a pile of rubble is all that remains of the building that once stood at the corner of Court Alley and Oakland Street. 

Firefighters who put out the blaze were back on the scene first thing today, drowning the smoldering ashes. "I got home about two, two-thirty in the morning. Then come back about eight this morning," says firefighter Shane Stinson.

Fire officials say now, safety is their primary concern. "We've knocked the walls down that were unsafe and subject to falling over into where we didn't watch it so we controlled, and knocked them into the building so they wouldn't fall out into the street or hurt anybody," says Lieutenant Bill Marshall.

Public works was their this morning to help with the cleanup. The power company was there too, assessing the damage.

Officials say overall they're pleased with last night's operation. "We were able to keep it to the burning structure itself and keep it from going into any of the other structures," says Marshall.

Part of that building though is a warehouse owned by Dixon Furniture and Hardware store. They say they've lost thousands of dollars of inventory. A small fire also sparked on the roof of a next door building that Dixon also owns.  Fire officials say it was put out in a matter of minutes, but Dixon says there is extensive roof and smoke damage.

There are still no answers to what caused the fire to start in the first place. "It's being handled by the state fire marshal's office and it's. . . They're handling the investigation," says Marshall.

Fire officials on scene say they'll be on sight until they're sure, the fire is out for good. Investigators say more interviews will be conducted on Monday. They hope to know the cause no later than Tuesday afternoon.




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