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Freeze coming! Protect your pipes

December 8, 2006

Albany-  We are bracing for the coldest night we've had in four years. Temperatures are predicted to plunge into the teens. Not only does that create fire hazards for people trying to stay warm, it could mean frozen pipes.

Temperatures are expected to remain below freezing for up to six hours overnight.  That could damage outside faucets, pipes, and wells if they aren't protected. 

"People can wrap their pipes with insulation, they can also drip their faucets. If you have a well pump also it's important if it's not in an enclosure, make sure that it's also insulated," said Rhett Parker, Roto-Rooter Master Plumber. 

A heat pump can also protect an un-insulated well overnight. Roto-Rooter is expecting many calls Saturday when the temperature warms up to 56 and thaws pipes that will freeze overnight.



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