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Cairo restaurant owner federally indicted for bomb scare

December 7, 2006

Cairo--  Jin's Chinese restaurant on Broad Street, is a popular dining place in Cairo, say their landlords at Butler Repair Shop, next door.  "They've probably rented from us for about 5 years," says Shawn Butler.

Trouble started for the owner, Bin L. Jin, after a disagreement with some employees. "I guess this couple was here. They apparently must have had an argument of some sort," Butler says.

The couple decided to leave the restaurant, and Jin took them to the airport in Tallahassee. However, Butler says, Jin was not happy they were leaving.   Butler says Jin "said that there was a bomb on the plane of the couple that he sent off and uh so they put a stop to that quick and shut down the airlines, and uh, they arrested him the same day."

The Delta plane, traveling from Tallahassee to Greensboro, North Carolina, was grounded after Jin's call to Greensboro police. When no bomb was found, FBI and GBI agents arrested Jin in Cairo. He was held at the Grady County Detention center for several days.

Butler says he doesn't think Jin had malicious intent when he made the call.  "He was just mad at someone and I just. . . I don't know what happened. I think he was gonna try to get back at 'em and he didn't understand the consequences."

U.S. Marshalls transported Jin to the Dougherty County jail where he awaits trial.  Jin faces up to 5 years in prison. Butler says the restaurant will remain open under the operation of Jin's brother.