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Denby has long criminal history

December 7, 2006

Albany-  Corrie Denby has been in trouble with the law for most of his life.  He just got out of prison in 2004 after serving time for kidnapping, attacking and leaving a 70-year old man for dead in Lee County.  That's not the only trouble he's been in. He was charged with sexual battery and aggravated assault in Dougherty County, but was never prosecuted.

Corrie Denby worked odd jobs and recently had been looking for work in Albany.

"Yesterday (Wednesday) he came in here looking for work and I told him we weren't hiring," said Laurie Davis, Flash Foods manager.

It may have been Denby's criminal history that made it hard for him to find a job. In August of 1999, when Denby was 22, he was arrested for grabbing a woman's breasts. Then four months later he was charged with assaulting a man in Albany. Before Dougherty County arrested him, he was picked up in Lee County on yet another crime. He carjacked a 70-year old man, beat him, choked him with a sock and left him for dead in a field. Lee County did prosecute him and he served three years in prison. He got out in June 2004.  When he was released from prison, the Dougherty District Attorney's office dismissed the aggravated assault charges against him in Dougherty County saying the statute of limitations had expired. 

Denby was looking for work in the days following Pat Murphy's murder.

"He came in again today and that gentleman over there hired him to do work today," said Davis.

Interestingly, the man who hired Denby Thursday had a conversation with him about Pat Murphy's murder.  Denby said, his own mother asked him if he had killed Murphy and he said he told her no.

"When they threw him down we heard the word murder, but they wouldn't say anything to us," said Davis. 

Denby is now charged with Pat Murphy's murder. 

Investigators haven't said how Corrie Denby and Pat Murphy knew each other.



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