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A standoff after a Moultrie shooting ends in suicide of elderly man

December 6, 2006

Moultrie--Sheriff's deputies say as far as they can tell Moses Trimmons had a close relationship with his landlords Carol Anne and Charlie Powell. Carol Anne was also his caretaker.  "Mr. Powell and them said that he was a good fellow and he thought of them as his parents really. He was 85 years old but he thought of Mr. & Mrs. Powell as his kinfolk," says Sheriff's Deputy Hal Suber.   

Yesterday though when Trimmons called the Powells to his home, he accused them of stealing a package from him. The Powells located the package, and told Trimmons he'd simply misplaced it. "I reckon he got mad about that and shot her," Suber says. 

Powell then called 911. When they arrived, she was able to climb out of a side window with the help of her husband.  Carol Anne Powell was taken to Colquitt Regional Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the right shoulder. 

Sheriff's Deputies then called Moultrie Colquitt County SWAT Team and negotiators to talk with Trimmons.  "They set up a perimeter to make sure he couldn't leave then tried to wait him out. Unable to make contact," said Sergeant Shawn Bostick.

Around 2 hours later, after having no contact with Trimmons, the SWAT team entered the house.  "They cleared the house and in the back corner of the house they found Mr Trimmons," says Bostick. Trimmons was dead in his wheelchair in the far back corner of the house. He had apparently shot himself in the chest with a shotgun.

The Sheriff's Department says they will continue to investigate, looking for answers that may never come. Carol Anne Powell is still recovering at Colquitt Regional Medical Center. Investigators say she is in fair condition.

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