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Two drug busts in a matter of hours

December 6, 2006

Valdosta - One bust was at a home, while the other came during a traffic stop.

The Valdosta Police Power Squad arrested Ramona Jordan early Tuesday morning in her apartment.

They say she had 63 grams of marijuana and 31 dime bags of cocaine hidden in the room of her 12 year-old daughter.  "We believe the mother was storing drugs in there, in case anything happened, to distract law enforcement," says Capt. Brian Childress of the Valdosta Police.

Police charged Jordan with reckless conduct and possession with the intent to sell. Her daughter has been put into the custody of her uncle.

Just hours before, they arrested three young adults after a narcotics dog sniffed out drugs in their vehicle during a traffic stop.  "As a result of the dog alerting on the vehicle, we searched it and recovered 2 grams of crack cocaine," he adds.

They are charging 18 year-old Irvin Davis, 20 year-old James Davis and 26 year-old Wilmer Nelson with possession with the intent to sell crack cocaine.

This is the third drug bust the squad has made in a week.  Last Wednesday, 31 year-old Corrie Rudolph and Camille Rudolph were arrested with 25 thousand dollars worth of cocaine and marijuana.

Police are now looking into how these drugs got into the city and how to put a stop to it.

A community center located near the home of one of those drug suspects is trying to teach young people the dangers of drugs.

Ramona Jordan lived in this apartment of at the Hudson Dockett complex.

The Mildred Hunter Community Center is located next to the community.  They sponsor mentoring programs, basketball leagues, and modeling groups for Valdosta children and teens.

They hope the programs give them an additional place to go so they can stay off the streets and away from drugs.  "It's a prevention program for drugs or any other aspect. It gives them an opportunity to be involved with something positive and put them in a positive environment," says center supervisor Andre Newson.

The center is currently looking to implement more programs in the near future.

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