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Albany ground zero for CON debate

December 6, 2006

Albany-  A south Georgia legislator says Albany will be the focus of the upcoming legislative debate on Georgia's Certificate of Need laws.  Those rules force hospitals and health care centers to get state approval to expand many of their services.  Critics say that limits competition and drives up prices. 

Many large hospitals, including Phoebe Putney, want to keep the rules largely as they are.  The General Assembly will debate several C.O.N. bills starting in January.Representative Ed Rynders says he'll support whatever plan will save you money. 

"I'm in favor of something that is ultimately going to lower the cost of health care for everyday people that say simply, I can't afford to go to my doctor or my hospital anymore," said Rep. Ed Rynders (R). 

Phoebe and Palmyra Medical Centers have clashed over certificates of need. In July, Palmyra requested permission to build an ambulatory surgery center in Lee County.



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