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Corrie Denby goes to court

Pat Murphy Pat Murphy
Corrie Denby (Source; Lee Co. Sheriff) Corrie Denby (Source; Lee Co. Sheriff)

December 8, 2006

Lee County - Four deputies led Corrie Denby into the Lee County courthouse Friday morning for his first court appearance. Denby, who towered over them, stared straight ahead.

Cameras weren't allowed inside the courtroom as Judge James Sizemore explained to Denby that he is charged with one count of murder. The judge then assigned Public defender Sam Merritt to represent him.

"We don't know anything about the case yet. We would have a preliminary hearing at some point later on and we would know a lot more about the case at that point," said Merritt.

But investigators know a lot about the case.

They tell WALB News 10 that Corrie Denby smoked crack cocaine the night of the murder, Thursday, November 30th, then walked from the Fairfax Motel to Pat Murphy's house to borrow some money.

Denby told them that Murphy propositioned him for sex, and he in turn slit Murphy's throat with a steak knife.

But they think he may be lying about Murphy's proposition. Investigators say there was physical evidence at the scene that indicates they may have actually had sex.

Pat Murphy lay dead in his living room for six days and neighbors say Denby and his girlfriend walked past Murphy's house several times.

When a housekeeper found Murphy dead Wednesday morning, Denby wasn't far away. While they processed the crime scene, Denby stood just a few yards away and watched.

Corrie Denby's girlfriend lived across the street from Murphy and Investigators say Murphy frequently gave Denby money and rides and just three days before the murder, Pat Murphy gave him a ride to town. 

It's too early to determine if the state will ask for the death penality, but Denby's attorney is prepared for that.

"If the state would decide to opt for the death penality the Georgia defender, the Georgia public defender public standards council has a group of attornys called the Capital Defenders they would take over the case at that point," said Merritt.

Until a preliminary hearing is scheduled Corrie Denby will remain in the Lee County Jail.


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