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ViewPoint: Viewer emails support a vote

December 5, 2006

Albany --  Viewer emails WALB received were strongly in favor of giving the citizens the opportunity to vote on whether the city and county governments should be consolidated.

  • I certainly think the Citizens of Albany/Dougherty County should get a chance to vote this, no matter whether they are FOR or AGAINST! 

  • I have lived in Dougherty country since 1980. I have the intelligence and the knowledge to make a clear decision about consolidation based on facts presented in the last several months. It is despicable that Jack Stone does not allow me to vote and express my opinion.

  •  Once again, our leaders prove their stupidity.  They money and time spent on researching by the team commissioned and to hire a consultant was wasted since our commissioners didn't follow the advice given.  If they weren't going to follow the advice given, why put together a team to research and pay for consultants?

  • I believe the people of Dougherty County and the City of Albany should vote on the decision to move forward with consolidation.  I am very disappointed in the County Commission's negative vote.  Three people should not be able to decide an entire county's fate.  We, the people of Dougherty County, were not well represented today! 

  • As a taxpayer of both Dougherty County and the City of Albany, I am entreated with such a good decision; and would like to applaud and congratulate those three gentlemen who took it on their shoulders to do the right thing. We (the voters) placed them (the commissioners) in office to make decisions for us with our interest in mind, so we do not have to be at every governmental meeting or be forced address every item that affect us by means of a referendum. Thanks for a good job!