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Speeders targeted in Lee County

December 5, 2006

Lee County-  Monday's deadly crash renews concerns about the safety of that busy stretch of highway.  Thousands of people commute from Lee to Dougherty County every morning.  Many of them travel Highway 19 South, which gets awfully crowded. 

During the morning rush hour, traffic moves pretty fast along Highway 19 in Lee County.

"I've got a nickname for it, NASCAR, North and South Country Auto Racing, I mean it's 55 mph out there and they're doing faster than that," said motorist George Johnson.

"People get into a hurry, they're late to work, there is a lot of traffic out here, so they feel well, I got caught up in this traffic signal now I got to make up for lost time and they're traveling 5 and 6 miles per hour over the speed limit and we can't have that there's too many crashes," said Sgt. Jamie Sullivan, Georgia State Patrol.

That's what we found, on average morning motorists traveling Highway 19 where the speed limit is 55 were doing about 61 miles per hour, but troopers say stopping speeders isn't an exact science because neither is a speedometer.

"You may think you're going 55, but you may be traveling 60, 59 a little bit over," said Sullivan.

We caught some drivers going as fast as 68 and 70 miles per hour, and many driver admit to speeding on the heavily traveled highway.

"I'll admit I've done 62 or 63 and I'm sitting still when they pass you and it's not just the four wheelers, it's tractor trailers everybody," said Johnson. 

While Tuesday we watched, the Georgia State Patrol says it's a warning.

"Tuesday we're not enforcing it, consider this a warning, Wednesday morning, we'll be back out in full force," said Sullivan.

Troopers say anything over 55 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone is speeding.  This month troopers expect traffic to be heavier than normal along Highway 19 because of the holiday season.

Troopers also warn motorists to follow the speed limit and watch for deer.

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