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Thomasville lights tree for hospice patients

December 4, 2006

Thomasville--  It's been just over a year since Helen Prophater lost her husband Jack to pancreatic cancer. She says without the help of Hospice of Southwest Georgia, she would have been lost.  "It brought me across that chasm that otherwise I would have fallen into," says Helen.

Hospice care workers were there for Helen's family in every aspect.  "As far as I'm concerned, I don't know how people would live without it," Helen says.

The hospice relies on donations to help fund many of its services. For the last 15 years, the Archbold Foundation's Tree of Lights program has raised thousands of dollars for the Hospice. People can donate gifts anywhere from 5 dollars that will buy a light on the tree, to represent a loved one.

"It's a delightful ceremony. It's very meaningful when the tree is lit. Particularly by a family that has been served by hospice," says Jean Morgan, President of the Auxillary at Archbold Memorial Hospital.

Helen has been involved with the Tree of Lights program for years, but this year it has a special meaning for her.  She says, "It's an inspiration and its something else to think about at Christmas besides yourself and buying Giving is what is so important." 

Donations from the program helped kick off a grief camp for kids last summer. Hospice even offers support groups for after the loss of a loved one.  "They were there to hold me up, whenever I needed it. During and after. And even now," Helen says.

 The Archbold foundation hopes to raise 25 thousand dollars for the Hospice with this year's program.  Hospice of Southwest Georgia serves 12 counties in the area. You can donate to the Tree of Lights program throughout the holiday season.

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