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Is homeless man a multiple bank robber?

December 4, 2006

Albany -- A homeless man was arrested and charged with robbing an East Albany bank Monday morning. He's a suspect in a series of violent crimes in east Albany, including an almost identical bank robbery two weeks ago. And thanks to Dougherty County Sheriff's deputies, he's in jail now.      

The Security Bank on East Oglethorpe Boulevard was robbed by a masked gunman just after it opened. Just minutes before the robbery, a gunman carjacked Samantha Miller and Marvin Davis at the Hidden Oaks Apartments blocks away in East Albany, taking their Blue Dodge Neon.

Investigators say the robber took the car to the Security Bank,  where he robbed the clerks at gunpoint.  Lt. James Williams said "They proceeded to put the money into the bag. He politely exited the bank, and got into the vehicle.  At which time the Uniform Division was right there in the area to give chase to the vehicle."

Albany Police saw the Blue Dodge Neon leaving the bank.  Corporal Darryl Jones said "At that time we noticed a black male inside wearing a mask that covered most of his face."

The Officers chased the Neon to Library Lane, where the robber jumped out of the car and ran on foot. Two Dougherty County Sheriff's Deputies tackled him.

Corporal Jones said "At that point they took him to the ground. He was handcuffed by Patrolman Brown, and evidence recovered."  

That evidence was a pistol and a black backpack with the money from the bank.  

26-year-old Kelvin Leroy is the man arrested Monday morning for the bank robbery. Two weeks ago arrest warrants were issued for him for car jacking in a very similar crime spree.

The Regions Bank was robbed on a Monday morning by a masked man who carjacked a car at the Hidden Oaks Apartments, and was abandoned blocks away. Investigators stopped just short of saying Leroy did both robberies.

Lt. Williams said "It does fit the same the one we had previous.  It is still under further investigation on the other cases."

Investigators say Leroy is being held for armed robbery and motor vehicle theft, and he is being questioned about a number of armed robberies in East Albany. Albany Police say when the carjacking report went out, their officers blanketed the East Albany banks thinking it could be another robbery, and that was why Leroy was captured so quickly.

Investigators say Leroy admits he has been in Albany for the last two weeks, homeless and living on the streets because he was wanted. The FBI is still investigating but has not yet filed federal bank robbery charges against Leroy.


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