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Phoebe settles ongoing lawsuit

December 2, 2006

Albany -- A series of lawsuits involving Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital that started in 2004 ends with a settlement. The agreement took place Friday afternoon between the hospital and Charles Rehberg.

The legal battle began when the hospital filed a civil lawsuit against Rehberg in August 2004 saying that Rehberg sent out a series of faxes criticizing hospital management. Those faxes are known as the Phoebe Factoids.

Rehberg filed a countersuit in September 2004 saying that the hospital had private investigators pose as ex-FBI agents and threaten him and his family.

He considers the settlement a victory and the closest he'll get to an apology from the hospital.

Hospital spokeswoman Jackie Ryan says the hospital is glad to have the legal cases behind them and by settling this case the hospital will save a lot of money in legal fees and costs.



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