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Teachers make a difference for students

December 1, 2006

Albany -- Retaining and developing quality teachers is a top priority nationwide. Some students say they decide against going into education because of low pay and stress.

Future teacher say no matter the pay, the job is one of the most important for our country's future.

She's not your average college student. Samantha Lineback is speaking in front of her soon-to-be graduated peers and at 21 years-old she finished college a semester early.

"The younger you are the more in tune you are to what's going on with the students and you would be more likely to reach them because you know what music they're listening to and you know what's out there competing with you in the classroom," said Lineback.

In front of the classroom is where she's wanted to be since the first grade. Helping those younger than her pave their way to being a productive member of society.

"They are the ones who will take over after we're gone so if we set values and show them what morals we need to have then we will have a successful country," said Lineback.

Lineback is proud to be the person young people will look up to. She knows her future job is so important that she invested time into the PEN program at ASU, which gives her a chance to learn about teaching from a voice of experience.

The little pin that Lineback wears represents her partnership with a teacher who serves as her mentor. She'll use the experience to one day make a difference in a young person's life.

A difference seen in students like high school junior Adrienne Shepherd.

"Every young person needs a positive influence in their life and that's why teachers make great role models," said Adrienne Shepherd.

Teachers are there to educate others, but students also look to them as a role model and positive influence in the community.

Lineback and the other ASU seniors will graduate December 9th.

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