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Early voting a bust in Dougherty County

December 1, 2006

Albany - Elections in Georgia aren't over yet. There's a runoff for a little publicized seat on the Georgia Public Service commission. And if early voter turnout is any indication, turnout Tuesday will likely be meager.

There's only one race on the ballot in Dougherty County next week and that's for Public Service Commission. Rita Lowery says, "It's important that we put people in there that we can trust and believe in."

Carolyn Hatcher says, "Very important. Very important race to finish up." But a race with little fanfare. As a matter of fact, the folks we spoke to today didn't remember there was a runoff.

"It's important isn't it? I should know that and keep abreast of it," says Carolyn Simpson. Rita Lowery says, "No, I didn't know anything about it."

And they weren't the only ones. Since Monday, only about 70 people have taken part in early voting in Dougherty County. Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher says, "It didn't get enough votes the first time, but somebody has got to win so people need to come out and vote now."

And elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher hopes to see a good turnout at the poles on Tuesday. Hatcher says, She says, "The tax payers do pay and they should go and take advantage of it. It's their duty to go and vote."

And it's your money down the drain if you don't. The election on Tuesday, whether you show up or not, will cost about $15,000, just in Dougherty County alone. And you can bet, Carolyn Simpson and Rita Lowery will be at their respective poles, now that they know about the race of course. Do you think you'll go and vote on Tuesday?

Rita says, "Yeah I will. I always do." "I've voted for a longtime and it's a privilege." A privilege they definitely won't forget.

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