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Police have increased alternate patrols

November 30, 2006

Albany -- The holiday season can be a dangerous season. You need to be on the lookout for crooks looking for an easy mark.

Albany police are stepping up patrols during the holidays with some alternate methods. The traffic division special operations unit includes officers on bikes, ATV's, and horses.

Up to 16 officers can utilize those patrol methods at a time, allowing them to get around quicker and follow suspects on foot easier than an officer in a cruiser.

Sgt. Victor Camp says if the suspect takes off running, an officer on a horse or a bike can follow more closely, but in a vehichle an officer may lose sight of that person.

Police say the officers on alternate patrol can more closely monitor cars in parking lots, that's especially important during the holidays.

You may notice them in parts of town you haven't seen them in before, especially in heavy traffic or shopping areas.

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