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Tifton leaders want residents to clean up leaves

November 30, 2006

Tifton - - It's a problem that can get out of control. This is the time of year trees start shedding leaves. When they fall, the leaves often land on the street, then when it rains, it washes the leaves into storm drains.

Seasons change. So does the color of tree leaves. They're pretty. But when they fall, pretty becomes a mess.

"These leaves, they just have a way of stopping up the storm drains," says Tifton Mayor Paul Johnson.

He's on a mission to get homeowners to watch where their tree leaves fall so they don't land in the street and then drift into a drain.

"I tell them to put the leaves over on the other side of the curbing and then the city picks it up," says resident Holly Hall.

She has a lawn service take care of her yard and she instructs them to put her tree leaves on the curb. City leaders want more like her.

"If every citizen in Tifton that has a storm drain in front of their house would simply go out there with their rake or with their hand and pull the pine straw out, we could avoid a lot of the flooding we have," Mayor Johnson says.

If you don't, you could face up to a $1,000 fine.

"We don't want to impose a penalty on people for their town, we want them rather to accept responsibility."

But they will.

They wont have to worry about Hall though. She's already following suit.

"I don't leave it out here on the front, it looks so bad."

And it could cause major flooding just because you didn't clean up your leaves. 

Tifton city workers sweep streets to get rid of trash and litter on the roads, but Johnson says they don't have enough man-power to dispose of all of the leaves that fall this time of year.

That's why they're asking residents to stack up their leaves in a pile in one section of their yard.

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