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Hurricane season comes to an end

November 30, 2006

Albany -- South Georgians and everyone from Florida to Texas can rest a bit easier. Thursday is the end of the 2006 hurricane season.

The June to November season turned out to be a meek one, despite forecasts of another massive storm event filled year. In 2005 a record 27 named storms in the Atlantic brought destruction to Florida and the Gulf Coast.

Dougherty County Emergency Management Officials say they are happy no Hurricanes threatened South Georgia, but they still used this year to prepare in case.   Deputy Director Jim Vaught said "we can all see what happened in New Orleans and other places along the coast, that it really is a true event. And so we train a littler harder, and practice a little harder, and prepare a little smarter."

In the 2006 Hurricane Season, there were only five hurricanes and four tropical storms, with only one entering the Gulf of Mexico.


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