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Students stressed over final exams

November 29, 2006

Albany -- Many college students are dealing with a little extra holiday season stress as they study for final exams.

Seniors at Albany State University started their finals Wednesday. Undergraduate exams run through next Wednesday.

Many students are using this week for hard-core studying and finishing up projects or term papers. School psychologists say waiting until the last minute to get this work done can be unhealthy both mentally and physically.

"It's actually just a matter of prioritizing what they have to do, and the mature student can do that, and that will reduce stress anxiety," said Dr. William Reed.

"We have so much on our plates that we're just trying to get everything done, but we're all just running around like chicken with a cut off head," said Latasha Carter.

Professors say students should get organized, spend the most time preparing for the hardest classes, and don't wait until the last minute to finish projects.



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