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Thomas County commissioners butt heads with Sheriff over budget

November 29, 2006

Thomas County--  Carlton Powell has been Thomas County Sheriff since 1977. And commissioner Mary Jo Beverly says his department is one of biggest drains on the budget.   "Sheriff Powell does a real good job with staying within his budget. He usually asks for a lot and we give him as much of that as we fell like we can out of the tax dollars," says Beverly.

This year, one of the Sheriff's major requests was for additional money for pay raises. Instead raises for county employees will be based on merit.  Beverly says that "he always asks for things that we don't provide, and I'm sorry that we can't always do that.

Another of Powell's primary concerns is for more security at the courthouse.  Beverly says its "one of those things he has to provide according to what the GA law says and the judge says." Powell asked for 6 more deputies to secure the courthouse, but was only granted 2. 

"I'm sure he will come back to us during the year with other requests and we will do what we can to honor his requests. I mean, He does a great job staying in budget, he does good job, he has a great department.  But we'll work things out with the Sheriff, we always do," says Beverly. The Sheriff says he'll do what he can with what he was given, and hopefully won't have to ask for any additional funds.

The county's total budget is 24 million dollars for the year. Besides the Sheriff's Department, one of the largest expenditures in Thomas County's budget is for Emergency Services. That takes up about 5 million dollars.



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