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School system wants better graduation rate

November 29, 2006

Albany - - Dougherty County falls behind the state when it comes to students graduating from high school. 

The School Board is trying to figure out what to do about it.

Last year, the school system had a 57 % graduation rate compared to the state's 70 %graduation rate.

The school system wants to increase its rate by at least 2 %.

Administrators say a change in a state formula that helps school systems identify students in need of remediation could help.  

"It would help to keep a better tracking of all students coming and going, whereas in the cohort group, any student who may enter in the 10th grade would not be a part of the calculation so you're not following just one set group of students to see what happens to them," says Testing Coordinator Renee Bridges.

Dougherty County Schools have credit recovery programs that give students who may not have done well at the start of the school year an opportunity to pull up their averages.

Superintendent Sally Whatley says it's also important to continue offering 9th grade academies that keep high school freshman in one section of the school to help ease the adjustment into high school.


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